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Client Services

Services Include:

As defined by the Care Standards Act 2000 National Minimum Standards.

These activities include:

  • Personal Care
  • Assistance with washing, bathing, shaving and oral hygiene.
  • Assistance with getting up, dressing, undressing and going to bed.
  • Hair care and facial shaving.
  • Assistance with toileting needs and continence management.
  • Assistance with getting on or off a chair and in or out of bed.
  • Assistance with eating and drinking.
  • Assisting the Service User in the self-administration of medicines in accordance with the local agreed policy.
  • Assistance in the administration of medication where this is provided for by policies and procedures and supported by appropriate training and assessment of staff competency and there is appropriate insurance cover.
  • Assisting the Service User in and out of the bath using mechanical and/or other equipment.
  • Assistance with non-invasive catheter care, including changing and emptying of catheter bags and associated monitoring.